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Frankie & Macy have been visiting area schools to provide education about the joys of caring for dogs while building a community where humans value dogs and treat them with love and kindness, preventing abandonment and keeping more dogs in loving homes for the duration of their lives. These sessions include talking about how to care for a dog, types of breeds, training, and so much more! If you are interested in having them speak at your event or in your classroom, please contact us!


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Macy & Frankie

Through Life Beyond the Books, Macy & Frankie have been visiting area schools and talking about pet care. If you are interested in working with them to bring education to your group or classroom, please use the form below to reach out.

Frankie plans to form a nonprofit to expend the mission and reach more humans with the message of proper care, training, treatment, and how to properly share your life with your dog(s).

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